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Research in our group focuses on the development and application of theoretical tools for the description of complex chemical phenomena. With electronic structure methods, we aim to aid in the design and understanding of functional molecules and materials for application in areas such as solar energy, light-emitting devices and biology. See our publication and research pages for more information. 

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CTM Seminar


Speaker: Gabrielly MIYAZAKI

Place: Teams 

Time: 14:00 


Orlando is Venezuelan, PhD in Physico-Chemistry from UPPA and is doing a Post-Doc in our group on the modeling of photonastic materials under supervison of Aurélie Pierre.

Welcome to the group, Orlando!

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March 4th at Chimie Paristech Bernardino got his Ph.D. degree. His work was focused on the development and application of low-cost computational protocols for predicting and studying spectral features and photo induced chemical transformations of dyes in solution. The thesis has been carried out under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Adamo, iCLeHS lab, CTM group.

Congratulation for your defense, Bernadino!

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