Latest Publications

Catalysis Science & Technology 2017,7, 1921-1927

DOI: 10.1039/C7CY00076F

We report the first copper-catalyzed olefinic ethoxy carbonyl difluoromethylation of alkenyl thioethers via direct C–H bond functionalization using BrCF2COOEt. The developed methodology allows the preparation of trisubstituted olefins with a controlled stereochemistry. A mechanistic study is reported and a radical mechanism is revealed.

Journal of Computational Chemistry 2017, 38 (13), 998-1004

DOI: 10.1002/jcc.24774

Aiming at developing an affordable and easily implementable computational protocol for routine prediction of spectral properties of rigid molecular dyes, density functional theory, and time-dependent density functional theory were used in conjunction with a vibronic coupling scheme for band shape estimate. To predict the perceived color of molecules in solution, a model has been setup linking the UV-vis spectra predicted at ab initio level to the L*a*b* colorimetric parameters. The results show that a mixed protocol, implying the use of a global hybrid functional for the prediction of adiabatic energy differences and a range separated hybrid for the prediction of potential energy curvature, allows perceived colors to be quantitatively predicted, as demonstrated by the comparison of L*a*b* colorimetric parameters obtained from computed and experimental spectra.

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